Find out why seeing your Alpharetta OBGYN regularly is crucial to your health.

An OBGYN is a doctor who specializes in both gynecology and obstetrics to care for and handle diseases concerning the female reproductive system, as well as provide care and treatment for women who are pregnant. Find out how often should you see one of our Alpharetta, GA OBGYNs--Dr. Dori Kasparek, Dr. Supriya Rao and Dr. LaQuita Martinez--and why are these routine visits so important.

Every woman should see their gynecologist regularly starting around between the ages of 13 to 15. This is an important time in a young woman’s life because she’s going through so many developmental changes and may have questions about birth control, menstruation, sexual health, safe sex, etc.

But it isn’t just adolescents that should be seeing their gynecologist in Alpharetta every year for their annual exam. These visits consist of both a pelvic and breast exam and missing out on these could mean a problem might go undetected. The pelvic exam is important because it allows us to see the health of the cervix. Sometimes a Pap smear may also be performed to check for cancerous cells. Regardless of whether you need a Pap smear or not, you still need to come in for a pelvic exam each year. Through this exam we can determine if there are any health issues that need to be addressed right away.

The breast exam is a no less important component to these annual exams. Of course, you should also be performing self-exams often to check for any breast abnormalities, but if you are unsure how to properly perform a self-exam these visits are a great time for us to show you. Through a doctor’s exam or daily self-exam we can find problems early.

If you are pregnant then it should go without saying that seeing your OBGYN is vitally important for both your health and the health of the fetus. Through testing and regular exams we can detect problems quickly so that we can treat the issue effectively.

If you need to schedule your next annual exam or if you just found out you’re pregnant then it’s time to turn to an expert OBGYN team in Alpharetta, GA that you can trust. Let Complete Women’s Healthcare give you the trusting, compassionate care you deserve.

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