As a woman, caring for your reproductive health is key in caring for your overall health. A pap smear is an important and effective way to test for cancerous or pre-cancerous cells in the cervix. But what is a pap smear? How does the procedure work? How often do you need a pap smear? Find out the answer to these questions and more with Dr. Dori Kasparek and Dr. Supriya Rao at Complete Women’s Healthcare serving Johns Creek, Suwanee, and Alpharetta in Johns Creek, GA.

What is a pap smear? 
A pap smear is a procedure performed by your OBGYN at a well woman examination to screen for pre-cancerous or cancerous cells within the opening of the uterus, called the cervix. The procedure itself takes only a few minutes and can efficiently catch cancer early, in its most treatable stages. Women should begin receiving routine pap smears at age 21, especially if they have an increased risk of cancer or autoimmune conditions like HIV. gyno girl image

What can I expect during a pap smear? 
During the procedure, your doctor will scrape a sample of cells from the cervix. While the procedure itself can be uncomfortable, it should not cause pain. A speculum inserted into the vagina allows your doctor to access the cervix. The scraping action only takes a few seconds and the procedure as a whole takes about 5 minutes. Your doctor will send the sample to a laboratory where it is assessed for pre-cancerous or cancerous cells. Some women report feeling slight cramping or discomfort after their procedure, but many do not report feeling any adverse side effects.

Pap Smear in Johns Creek, Suwanee, and Alpharetta
If you are over 21, you could benefit from a regular pap smear at your yearly well-woman examination with your doctor. For more information on pap smear procedures or your reproductive health in general, please contact Dr. Kasparek and Dr. Rao at Complete Women’s Healthcare serving Johns Creek, Suwanee, and Alpharetta in Johns Creek, GA. Call 770-622-9810 to schedule your appointment with your doctor today!

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