Women—they are mothers, caregivers, colleagues, CEOs, entrepreneurs…this list is endless! While magazines often discuss the mystery of women and what they want, it’s no mystery that women want to be healthy and content. While life can throw any confident woman a few curveballs, health concerns shouldn’t be one of them.
That’s why we’re here to offer comprehensive obstetric and gynecological care in an empathetic and respectful environment. And part of being able to offer such wonderful services is also having a stellar medical staff that truly cares about our patients and what we do. That’s why we’re so happy to be welcoming Dr. LaQuita Martinez to our team this August!

Get to Know Dr. LaQuita Martinez DR LAQUITA MARTINEZ Image

Nothing feels better than to know about the doctor who’s going to ensure that you’re as healthy as you can possibly be. We know rapport is important! So let’s find out some fun facts about this new member of our medical team:
  • Dr. Martinez is a Fort Worth, TX native.
  • She received her medical degree from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 2007.
  • She completed her residency at Morehouse School of Medicine, where she was also a Chief Administrative Resident her senior year.
  • She’s certified in da Vinci Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery.
  • Her interests lie in infertility and contraceptive counseling, adolescent healthcare and preventive medicine.
  • When she’s not in the office, Dr. Martinez also enjoys spending time with her husband and family, traveling and biking.
Next time you’re in our office, be sure to welcome Dr. Martinez to our wonderful practice! Whether you need help deciding which contraception will work best for your needs or it’s time to book your teenager daughter’s first appointment, Dr. Martinez is ready to answer all your questions and offer the type of quality care that you’ve come to expect from Complete Women’s Healthcare.
We know that it is because of our experienced and knowledgeable staff that we are able to offer the best treatments possible. We also know you can choose any office to meet your women’s health needs, but we hope that our compassionate care keeps you long-term patients. If you want to make an appointment with Dr. LaQuita Martinez, call our office at (770) 622-9810.
Have a fun question that you want Dr. Martinez to answer? Whether it’s about women’s health or just her favorite meal, feel free to throw out some questions to our new staff member—or just welcome her on board!

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