An obstetrician can provide you with very useful treatments and advice if you are looking to conceive in the upcoming months or years. What an obstetrician can do for you!This medical professional is concerned with the care of a woman and her unborn child, and if you’re at a stage of life when you are focused on family planning, it is essential to talk to an obstetrician at Complete Women’s Healthcare in Cumming, GA (also serving the Alpharetta, GA, community).

About Obstetricians

Obstetrics deals with childbirth, pregnancy support, prenatal care, and maternal-fetal medicine. An obstetrician is a medical doctor who specializes in helping women have a successful pregnancy and deliver healthy babies, this means that both the baby and the mother are patients, and their well-being is simultaneously monitored by an obstetrician. Obstetricians are also trained to treat infertility, and in many cases, obstetricians are also gynecologists.

What an Obstetrician Can Do for You

An obstetrician at Alpharetta-area Complete Women’s Healthcare will help you feel more at ease if you are an expecting mother or if you are desiring to get pregnant in the very near future. If you are having trouble conceiving a child, your obstetrician can explore a variety of modern treatments with you and your partner. Common obstetric treatments include:

- Ultrasounds (visual of the reproductive system, including ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes)
- Natural childbirth and cesarean surgeries
- IVF (in vitro fertilization) fertility treatment
- IUI (intrauterine insemination)
- Hormone management

Things to Discuss at Your First Visit

Since your obstetrician will be with you through every step of this very important part of your life, it is important that you make the right choice in a provider. Here are some points to address when you visit an obstetrician for a consultation:

- If you have any medical conditions, find out if the specialist is familiar with managing it in pregnant women
- Get familiar with the obstetrician’s beliefs and perceptions when it comes to childbirth (including pain relief methods and induction)
- Talk about your birth plan and get the doctor’s professional opinion

Make an Appointment with an Obstetrician

The specialists at Complete Women’s Healthcare in Cumming, GA, Dr. Dori Kasparek, Dr. Supriya Rao, Dr. Akiva Gimpelevich and Dr. Hindiya Mustafa, serve patients in the Johns Creek, Suwanee, Alpharetta, Dawsonville area and can help put your mind at ease whether you’re managing a pregnancy or you’re trying to conceive. Get in touch with an obstetrician today by calling 770-622-9810.

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