KORR Metabolic Analyzer

Eating to Your Matabolism

Dieting never felt so good!

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Allow us to understand your body’s unique metabolic rate and customize your program by:

  • Screening for a slowed metabolism, which may explain frustrated attempts to lose weight in the past.
  • Revealing changes in your metabolism to help troubleshoot plateaus.
  • Identifying the precise caloric prescription for maintenance to help you sustain your goal.

Learning to eat to your metabolism will free you to leave conventional diets behind and move on to a healthy and satisfying lifestyle!

Our Providers

Tara Suarez, FNP
Tara Suarez, FNP
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Dori Kasparek, M.D., FACOG, OBGYN
Dori Kasparek, M.D., FACOG, OBGYN
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Our Patients Say

"I love Dr. Kasparek and her office staff. This is my first pregnancy and I must say they are very caring and always available if I have any questions. The office is warm and pleasant and every visit I always feel like I am with family. to me that is what being a good doctor is all about. I never feel like I am in a doctors office, I feel like I'm at home, that atmosphere is soothing and relaxing. To all new mothers in the johns creek area, I highly recommend this practice."