The Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

The Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation is a term often used to describe corrective treatments like vaginoplasty and labiaplasty. Vaginoplasty is a procedure that tightens the muscles and structures of the vagina. The goal is to improve control, strength, and muscle tone.

Many women experience vaginal relaxation. This condition often appears after childbirth or due to aging. 

While it can help with sexual intercourse, that is not the only reason some women choose to undergo vaginal rejuvenation. Many do so to help with other problems, like difficulty relieving themselves, inability to hold tampons or to reduce visible scar tissue around the vagina.

The process usually takes one to two hours to complete. The patient is put under anesthesia. A surgeon will join the stretched muscle at the back of the vagina with dissolvable stitches. They will also remove any excess lining to tighten the surrounding soft tissue. Once healed, this will reduce vaginal cavity size and allow muscles and ligaments to provide better support for the bowel, womb, and bladder.

When undergoing labiaplasty, the surgeon will reshape or shorten the vaginal lips. Excess tissue is removed using a laser or scalpel. Dissolvable stitches may also be used.

The Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Why do many women choose to undergo vaginal rejuvenation?

  • Improved Sex Life

The most commonly cited benefit of vaginal rejuvenation is an improved sex life. The reduced size and tighter muscle tone of the vagina allow for more friction. This can be good for both partners, especially women that may have lost sensation after pregnancy. It also increases a woman’s ability to orgasm. 

  • Reverse Physical Changes

As we age, our bodies will inevitably change. For women, a weakened pelvic floor can cause pain and discomfort. Vaginal rejuvenation can help restore the vagina and alleviate these symptoms. It can also assist with urinary incontinence, a problem that can affect women at various life stages.

  • More Comfortable

An enlarged labia can cause discomfort when wearing tight clothing or doing certain activities. Some feel self-conscious about having a dreaded visible camel toe. Others feel irritation when engaging in sports or activities like riding bicycles. Even wearing a bikini bottom can be concerning in case the enlarged labia falls out.

Labiaplasty can eliminate these problems and allow the patient to wear whatever they want without worry again.

  • Aesthetic Reasons

The way we look often impacts how we view ourselves. Some women are sensitive about the size and appearance of their labia. Vaginal rejuvenation can help alleviate the anxiety and stress caused by these physical changes. This can also boost confidence and lead to a more active sex life.

ThermiVa Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation is another option for women who want to get results without surgery. Complete Women’s Healthcare offers ThermiVa services that are minimally invasive and safe.

This treatment uses radiofrequency energy that gently heats tissues to rejuvenate collagen. Collagen gives the vagina its elasticity. It can improve tightness and allows the vagina to contract.

By promoting our body’s natural production of collagen, you can reshape the vaginal region and restore a more youthful tone and appearance. ThermiVa takes around 30 minutes and doesn’t cause any discomfort. 

Surgical vaginal rejuvenation is an outpatient procedure that usually requires about two weeks to heal. During that time, the patient will be advised to use sanitary pads instead of tampons and wear loose underwear and clothing. They will also have to avoid sex for six weeks and physical activity for six to 12 weeks.

ThermiVa requires no downtime and no anesthesia. Multiple treatments are usually recommended but won’t impact your life for weeks. Most women schedule three treatments, one per month, to start and then one treatment annually afterward for maintenance.

Is ThermiVa the Right Choice for Me?

Vaginal rejuvenation isn’t a medically necessary procedure, but it can help improve how you look and feel. The big question is whether you should go for surgery or try the non-surgical method.

Women who experience the following systems may find relief with non-surgical ThermiVa treatment:

  • Loss of vaginal elasticity due to aging
  • An inability to take hormone treatments after breast cancer
  • Vaginal looseness or relaxation after giving birth
  • Peri- or post-menopausal women with overactive bladder
  • Experiences chronic vaginal infections

If you notice any of the above, contact Complete Women’s Healthcare for an evaluation. ThermiVa may provide a solution that doesn’t involve surgery. The process doesn’t hurt. Patients may feel a warm sensation during the procedure.

It’s important to note that results can take a little time. You should speak to a doctor to determine how many sessions you may need to get the results you want. While the schedule mentioned above is common, some patients get relief in just one session while others may require more.

There is no maximum number of treatments you can have over the years, either. The results are immediately noticeable, and you can come back if you start to notice any changes due to aging or other factors.

If you have questions about vaginal rejuvenation, let us know. Complete Women’s Healthcare is available to help you make decisions about your health and wellbeing that will improve your life.