Confessions from a manager....

I'll admit, Dr. Dori and I take a really really really long time when we're hiring staff. Especially a new provider. Not really one of my favorite parts of being the practice manager, lol. BUT we know how important it is to find the right person. Not only for our own happiness as we work with each other each day but for our patients too. We know that if we're not having fun and working well together then our patients aren't going to enjoy their experience with us. Considering that our patients and their satisfaction is the most important thing to us, we take this seriously. So, as a manager, it makes my day when I receive an email from a patient wanting to share a picture or experience she's had. It lets me know we've made the right decision!

Today I received the sweetest picture. Valerie and Baby Isla (don't you LOVE that name!) Look at this perfect baby! What else this picture shows me though is how much Valerie loves her job. You can see it in her face, her smile because trust me, she doesn't have this same kind of smile when I tell her she needs to finish her chart notes by the end of the day!!! lol.valerie and isla image


So thank you Baby Isla's mommy for sharing with me. Thank you to all our patients. Thank you to my amazing co-workers. As hard as my job may be somedays, I love my job, I really honestly do.

Best Wishes Always, Kelly Kile

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