Even when you feel perfectly fine, it is recommended that you participate in regularly scheduled screening programs.  As a reminder to all women of your healthcare responsibilities I have listed what I believe to be the most important screening tests. I also encourage you to remember to stay up to date on your age appropriate vaccines.

Age                    Test purpose/Name                                                                    Frequency

> 21-29             cervical cancer screen/pap smear                                               every 3 years

>30-65/70        cervical cancer screen /cotesting traditional pap w/ HPV           every 3 years

>40                    breast cancer screening/mammograms                                     yearly

>50                    colon disease screening/colonoscopy                                        every 3-10 years

~65                    bone density screening/DEXA scan                                         every 3-10 years

any age            blood pressure, weight, vision and dental exams and routine bloodwork

After 50, it is also smart to consider carotid dopplers, calcium imaging of heart, aortic aneurysm screening EKG and chest Xray on a routine basis that should be discussed with your primary care physician.

The CDC adult recommended vaccine schedule can be found here.

As women we often make time to take care of everyone else, but remember to take care of yourself!

Dr. Kasparek

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