Mothers-to-be have a pivotal nine months of caregiving they must consider to maintain the highest hopes for a fully-healthy baby. That being said, many pregnant moms won't know for sure that their child is developing normally inside of them until after their child has come into the world.

But at Complete Women's Healthcare, you'll find the answers you need about your growing boy or girl the moment you want it, as an innovative procedure known as the quad test delivers answers as to whether or not the baby is at risk for birth defects situated in the brain and spine or even Down syndrome. In short, this test looks for telling indicators of chromosomal birth defects awaiting your unborn child.

Check out some things you need to know about the quad test from one of the trusted professionals at Complete Women's Healthcare, Dori Kasparek, M.D., FACOG, OBGYN, below:

When And How Is It Done?

The quad test is most effective when conducted between 16-20 weeks of the pregnancy, and only requires a blood sample obtained from the mother-to-be.

How Does It Work?

There are four specific hormones that are measured in the mother's blood sample, and if any of their measurements are significantly higher or lower than they should be, that means the child may be at greater risk for such chromosomal birth maladies.

What If My Child Is At Risk?

Since the quad test is for screening purposes only, there's a high chance that even the 10 percent of babies found to be at risk for chromosomal birth defects end up joining the family fully healthy. In the rare case your blood shows an abnormal reading, you'll be advised to get an ultrasound to get a more in-depth look at your baby. By seeing specific anatomical images, ultrasounds can determine whether there really is an issue with your child's development, in which case continued testing in the form of amniocentesis is often recommended.

For more information on how you can keep your unborn baby safe from unwanted birth defects, give Dr. Kasparek and her trusted OBGYN associates at Complete Women's Healthcare a call today at (770) 622-9810 for real pregnancy solutions right here in Alpharetta, GA!

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