Incontinence, the inability to hold your water, is an embarrassing yet common problem that women deal with. Explore these three things you didn’t know about incontinence issues in women and make it a point to schedule a visit with Alpharetta obstetrician Dr. Dori Kasparek, M.D., FACOG, OBGYN of Complete Women’s Healthcare to discuss your unique case.

Menopause May Be a Factor
Women who are going through menopause are more susceptible to problems with incontinence. One reason is that the loss of estrogen that happens during menopause causes pelvic muscles to weaken. The pelvis is the area of the body that helps control and regulate the bladder. Though incontinence is common in menopausal women, it can also occur in women as young as 18 years old.

Many Women Wait Many Years Before Getting Help
According to Nancy Muller, PhD of the National Association for Continence, many women are too embarrassed to talk about incontinence issues with their doctors. Many wait six or more years before even mentioning the problem. They are often surprised to learn that there are solutions available that could have given them relief during that time. Talk to Alpharetta obstetrician Dr. Kasparek at the first sign of a problem, even if it’s just a little “dripping” from time to time.

There Are a Variety of Solutions for Incontinence
Unfortunately, women who experience incontinence symptoms don’t realize that there are so many potential solutions available. One common recommendation is to try Kegel exercises—a Kegel is a simple flexing of the vaginal muscles that also helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles. A therapy called neuromodulation helps stimulate the nerves in the bladder. There are also medications and vaginal devices that can help ease incontinence problems in women.

Get Help with Incontinence at Complete Women's Healthcare
Don’t be afraid to talk about this medical concern with a doctor—you may be surprised at the modern solutions available for women with incontinence issues. The Complete Women’s Healthcare practice’s aim is to “provide comprehensive and empathic care for women of all ages.” Call Alpharetta obstetrician Dr. Dori Kasparek at (770) 622-9810 or visit to make an appointment request today.

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